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For the first day, it's been swell. I recommend new users to be patient, it was a big mistake of mine to jump from one person to another thinking nobody was replying. Tandem is what you make out of it, and I think I'll be content with using its free version. I think the correction, translate, and transliterate features were all useful digital features that supersede face-to-face language exchange in some aspects.
A Google user
This is the perfect language practicing app for people who also want to make friends along the way! I really like how much you can customize your profile and preferences to include how comfortable you are with the language you are learning, and what you like to talk about. With that said the only issues I've come across come from the Video calling. It's super buggy and numerous times my camera would freeze or I would exit the app and not be able to go back to the call. Nevertheless a great App.
carlos blondiswall
I have made many friends on this app who are also doing language exchange. Tandem Pro has been really nice. The translator is really helpful when the conversation goes above your head. I haven't run into any spammers or catfish, either. Minor criticisms: 1) the message alerts don't always work and you might have to check back with partners manually. 2) the search algorithm is strange. It's easy to get a deluge of new messages very quickly for no reason, then none for a long time.
Steve B
Tandem is a great app. Though it seems a lot of people treat it like Tinder, in general, I've met very nice people on here. It's incredibly easy to meet new people. it also allows you to share your general location and those that choose to will be shown native speakers nearby, which is a great way to meet people and get in person practice - though I've yet to meet someone this way, it's q great feature that distinguishes it from its competitors
Andrew R
This app is awesome. Everyone I've chatted with is friendly, respectful, and helpful. A perfect compliment to Spanish classes or to an app like Duolingo. As a native English speaker, it can be a little overwhelming because everyone wants to talk to you so I get messages constantly. It took me about a week to realize that I can switch to "offline" when I need a break.
Kelly Finan
Great app. Use it all the time. Left a star off because on Android a Bluetooth microphone (like on earphones) doesn't engage when you send recorded audio. Only when you use the audio call or video call option. Needs a fix. Update: As of 26nov19 this app isn't even loading. I've tried all the usual fixes on a smartphone. This app just has some kind of fatal flaw right now. Update: 26nov19 these guys react extremely quick. They pushed an update the same day and got everything fixed. 5 stars.
A Google user
This app offers a unique way of learning. I really enjoy this app. I've met new people who have become close friends &we are miles away from one another. it feels good to help someone really accomplish a big goal of learning a language in return I'm learning a language as well. the audio and video chat makes the process easier and more personal, its like having a private tutor. the app is very easy to use many languages are available. the app makes the cost of learning a new language affordable
A Google user
Modifying my three-star review from 2018. I've thoroughly enjoyed using this app for the last two years meeting people from around the world. The features included in the free version are sufficient to effectively exchange languages and learn. There are ads but they aren't intrusive and really aren't all that annoying, hopefully it stays that way. There is a strong community it would seem and there are new users always joining. I hope that the devs continue to support this great and wholesome app. Good job.
Really unique and incredible! I stumbled across this app and thought I would give it a download. I speak English and was hoping to practice my Spanish. Everyone I have come across has been extremely nice, and not creepy! I really like the feature to correct someone with what they said, as it really helps me with my verb tenses or particular phrasing. Option I wish this app had: -- Turn off the ability to message me for a while (in the first 2 minutes I had ~50 messages)
A Google user

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